In Nintendo direct dell 'E3 2019 was announced the third chapter di Luigi's Mansion. Saga of the famous mustachioed colleague of Mario struggling with the Boos of the series of the most famous Italian-American plumber.

The title, scheduled for the end of the year, will see Luigi make their way through the aforementioned ghosts, and thanks to the help of doctor Strambic, will try to save his friends in the middle of a rather spooky hotel.

In the clip at the bottom of this article, you will see how the big N has certainly not been spared regarding the gameplay details of Luigi's Mansion 3.

The main innovations of this chapter concern: in addition to the introduction of 3 new weapons (The Suction Shot, Poltergust G-OM and the Burst), the possibility of evoking a "Luigi" made entirely of such jelly: Gommiluigi. You can also play in the mode Scare Scraper ed will in Tower of chaos, up to a maximum of 8 players overall. A precise release date has not yet been announced, but a generic one end of the year.

Here is the game trailer, have fun: