We got to see the trailer at the recent conference Microsoft products toE3 2019 ma Private Division ed Obsidian Entertainment issued a press release with more information regarding their latest title, The Outer Worlds.

Private Division e Obsidian Entertainment have announced that it is now possible to book The Outer Worlds, whose release is scheduled for the October 25 2019 on the Xbox One console family, including Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PC Windows (the game will be available on Windows PC through Microsoft Windows Store and Epic Games Store for the first year, after which it will be distributed on all other digital platforms.)

Obsidian Entertainment, a famous role-playing development studio, presents The Outer Worlds, a witty and grotesque story conveyed by the player and set in a colony on the edge of the galaxy. The firm, freezing grip of the corporate bureaucracy is falling to pieces: it will be an unknown visitor, or the character you decide to impersonate, to determine the course of the plot. Your choices will profoundly affect the development of the story, the progression of your character, the sub-storylines of your classmates and the various game endings.

"When I found myself contracting with Leonard, we decided to make the game we had always dreamed of," said Tim Cain, co-director of the game at Obsidian. "A title in which the decisions of the player count, which allows you to face the various situations as you like. Because the story is yours. And also because we have not yet figured out how to force users to play as we want. At the moment."

The Outer Worlds offers the player a wide range of options. In addition to having an arsenal of sci-fi weapons available, both long-range and melee, you can decide to solve problems with good old-fashioned diplomacy, or even delegate part of your decision-making authority to your teammates.

"Joking aside," added Leonard Boyarsky, co-director of the game at Obsidian, "Tim was really happy to work with me again on a title that focuses not only on a player-driven story, but also on the creation of a new universe that will be fun to explore thanks to its depth, humor and various types of actions approved by the corporations. "

"Obsidian has a prestigious history when it comes to quality single player role-playing games," said Allen Murray, Vice President of Production. "The Outer Worlds it is unmistakably an Obsidian game, rich as it is in dark humor, interesting characters and great freedom of action for the players. "

Fans of The Outer Worlds can book the game now: https://store.privatedivision.com/the-outer-worlds/order.

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