There is no time of the year that fascinates (and stresses) gamers like that of E3. What will be announced? Will we celebrate with sparkling wine or will we find ourselves desperately complaining about yet another rip-off? In this editorial you find the most hidden desires of the editors of Parliamo di Videogiochi: reading them is a great way to exorcise the wait and to refresh your memory about what could come.


Riccardo Piccinini:

This E3 it will be a little strange. For many reasons. First and foremost, Sony will not be in the game with its conference. Perhaps it would have been boring to re-do another by always showing the same games. Or why everyone has finished them and Last of Us 2 can't keep it all by itself. This leaves Microsoft free to make good and bad weather. Microsoft has a lot to show in power. He has bought many developers, who are working. It has a cloud service in progress. The new Xbox will probably arrive in the 2020. I I would like to see a Microsoft already projected into the future. Now this generation is gone for them. They have to show their muscles, to have a bigger penis. For me they have to shift the focus to the next generation to their unique entertainment environment. And to make it clear that it has all the credentials, all the big names, all the advantages for the users. The best model.

Software side Microsoft personally pulled me a left-handed shot. My favorite developers are there Obisidian and I also really appreciated Inxile's recent work. The resurgence of Western PC role-playing games has given so much in recent times, but has always remained confined by money. Obsidian. With Microsoft's money. I have a very strong hype inside mand I look forward to even a small hint of what they can do after Outer Worlds. Even if they have Lurian Baldur's Gate III to overcome in my eyes.

AMD / Nvidia

Riccardo Piccinini:

E3 has always been an environment dedicated to consoles. The PC gaming show set up in recent years was a ball to watch and has rarely brought to light colossal announcements. This year no. This year, AMD has chosen E3 to show the world its new graphic architecture, the RDNA. This matters because it will be the heart of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles. I want to see real performances, not just a Straneg Brigade slide and I want to see the prices. Because if AMD finally decides to sell at a "high" price, it means that it is confident in its product, which no longer needs to sell off in order to put components around to gain market share. AMD has relaunched itself in the CPU sector, but in that GPU it still has to do it. It continues to have cutting-edge technological solutions for components and lithography, but if the base does not change, they will not help their products in the least.

And this movement by AMD caused the reaction from Nvidia, which should announce something. It is called a 2.0 turing series. TAll this movement, around the world of PC gaming, around technology, at E3 is a not insignificant novelty. Who can become a new industry fair also from the point of view of gaming technology? Who knows.


Damiano Paciullo:

Nintendo stating that the E3 Direct will be focused on outgoing games on Switch in the 2019 it has certainly limited imagination and hopes, since I certainly can't expect titles like Metroid Prime 4 (at what point of development?) or the new Monolith Soft RPG, yet we also have certainties that please.

We will finally see Luigi's Mansion 3, present in playable form during the fair: some gameplay videos and a date - perhaps the 31 October - are very welcome. Relatively little is missing from Fire Emblem and Astral Chain, but seeing them during Direct, especially the second one, is almost a must. If for the first we had in fact a dedicated transmission, for the action of Platinum Games we don't know much, except that I want it now. Disappeared from the radar after the demo that certainly has not impressed is DAEMON X MACHINA, a referral to the 2020 I find it probable, and perhaps it is even better this way. Then there is her, also missing after the 2017 reveal: Bayonetta 3, whose release is always indicated for this year, must find its space during this E3. It would also be time for the new Super Smash Bros. Fighters Pass character. Ultimate: The Joker has just come out but it has really gone by so much since its announcement; I want a new one, maybe the much talked about Banjo and Kazooie. All the attention these days has been on Pokémon, but Game Freak is also working on Town, an original RPG that has a lot to say, but that at the moment has hidden itself very well; what better opportunity to be appreciated? All games of which we know exist, probably coming out in 2019 and therefore eligible for this E3. And yet the hope of a small final teaser, as Nintendo has accustomed us in these years, is always there; in that case my dream continues to be only one: Kid Icarus Uprising 2.

Giuseppe De Luca:

Usually Nintendo prefers to do its shows in Direct outside the big events, but E3 is too important an event to stay out of. But what should we expect from the Big N? At first it was believed that the E3 would be the ideal stage to see the new generation of Nintendo Switch, with that mini version that would have had to meet the chances of an audience less willing to spend, but apparently (source Bloomberg ) there will be no such unveils. While it has not yet been understood if Nintendo is ready to pull the plug on the 3DS, which in these days has perhaps completed its swan song with Persona Q2. The lineup that presents Nintendo is a set of bombs that satisfy all tastes: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, Luigi's Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Pokémon Sword and Shield and many others. Reading the names I hope for many quality products, which they could make Nintendo the best publisher of this E3 with hands down.

Square Enix

Giuseppe De Luca:

I have a complicated relationship with Square Enix lately: on the one hand I really appreciated some of their titles of the past year (Dragon Quest XI and Octopath Traveler on all), on the other critical some of their choices, first of all the one concerning the structure of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Turning the JRPG king into an Action RPG and breaking it into episodes could be the right choice to attract new players, but I think long-time fans will find themselves caught off guard. I hope I'm wrong and a playable demo at the E3 2019 could dispel my doubts. Speaking of Dragon Quest XI, the S version for Nintendo Switch is coming and having played the PS4 version I can say that this port will be a success, given the quality of the title.

And then there's that triptych composed of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marvel's Avengers and Babylon's Fall that tantalize me. Of Final Fantasy VII remake I think that there is not much to say, everyone is waiting for him and everyone wants it (to cheer him up or criticize him, to posterity the arduous sentence). Two little words instead for the other two projects: Marvel's Avengers will see Square Enix at work with the same team that produced Tomb Raider and if it gives me so much we should have a gaming experience focused on the single player, moving away from the unspoken Marvel Heroes , while for Babylon's Fall, after a bombastic announcement made at the last E3, the traces have been lost. What is the title of this conference? We will find out on the night of 11 June.

Pierluca Troiano:

Only a few days to go to the E3 2019, and one of the publishers to take on the biggest expectations of the public is definitely Square Enix. Despite a Kingdom Hearts III that did not fully meet the expectations of the fans, and a Left Alive definitely to forget, personally I believe that the Japanese company has everything it takes to re-launch itself in a big way. Final Fantasy VII Remake will certainly be the highlight of the presentation. Let's not forget then the (certain) confirmation of Octopath Traveler 2, followed by the title of the great success on Switch and that in recent days has landed also on PC.

However, much of my hype is directed towards Final Fantasy VII Remake. I hope in fact in substantial news for the title at the Los Angeles fair, starting from the date of release of what in all likelihood will be only the first episode, as well as maybe actually knowing how many episodes will make up the return of Cloud and company. Finally, the announcement of DLC for Kingdom Hearts III (including ReMind, of which we have already spoken) will surely hope the fans of the series about a readjustment of the epilogue of this third chapter, with bosses, cutscenes and other additional contents.