In the 2005 the alien Crypto-137 brought death and destruction between the human race and after fifteen years we will be able to return in the role of the extraterrestrial in a remake of Destroy All Humans!

The game was announced in the past few hours from THQ Nordic and is in development at Black forest games. Here is the official description:

The return of a cult! Terrifies the earthlings of the 50 years as the alien Crypto-137. Extract their DNA, destroy the United States government in this faithful remake of the legendary adventure of alien invasions. Destroy humans with an arsenal of alien weapons and psychic abilities. Ash your cities with your flying saucer! It will be a great step ... on humanity!

  • Discover the wickedness of an alien invasion in the 50 years
  • (Ri) discover why the game is considered among the most enjoyable ever
  • Rebuilt from scratch, for a new galactic story
  • Try the weapons of Crypto, like the Sparasonde
  • Passed off as a human and infiltrate their fragile democracy
  • Use telekinesis to fly enemies or bombard them with random objects
  • Visit explorable cities of the American 50 years with your jetpack
  • Devastate the primitive human architectural works with your flying saucer
  • Includes the novel and lost mission talk of the 42 Area!

In the future we will surely have more information, but we are already looking forward to causing chaos on Earth in Destroy All Humans!