Ninja Theory, study developer of titles such as Hellblade e DmC, is ready to announce a new IP to the next E3, and in a video confidential leakato on the network we can see the very first trailer of Bleeding Edge.

The game will most likely be presented at Microsoft conference, since as you may remember the Redmond house he had bought Ninja Theory last year. At the moment however we still don't know much about Bleeding Edge, if not that it will be a action 4v4 online with melee fights. We can't even know if the title will be exclusive to Xbox, or if cross-play with a PC version will also be supported.

At the end of the trailer it is also announced that starting from 27nd June one will be available technical alpha of the title. All that remains is to wait for the Microsoft E3 2019 conference to learn more about this new Ninja Theory project.