The last simulation of the championship MotoGP ™ by the guys from Milestone or MotoGP ™ 19 represents a nodal chapter of the series, given the presence of the revolutionary neural intelligence system developed by Milestone himself, called ANNA. The acronym in question stands for:  Artificial Neural Network Agent . The system is based on neural networks and thanks to which each action is not set a priori but is based on "training" artificial intelligence and "educating" it to the risks that are run on the track but above all in trying to observe the behavior of the bike itself. Lap after lap evaluates all the parameters involved during the race: from wheel grip to road forecasts. We remind you that MotoGP ™ 19 is available since yesterday 6nd June for: PC, PS4 E Xbox One and from 27nd June to Nintendo Switch. Here is the press release from Milestone:





Milestone launches MotoGP ™ 19: Take your place! 
A revolutionary chapter: Artificial Intelligence based on Neural Networks, Dedicated Servers for an optimal Multiplayer experience
and Historical Challenges to rekindle the legend. 
Watch the launch trailer here: 

Milestone announced that MotoGP ™ 19 is now available for PlayStation®4Xbox One Windows PC® / STEAM. The game will come up Nintendo Switch ™ il 27 June *. 

MotoGP ™ 19 celebrates the passion for engines of Milestone and its community, with unique technological innovations that allow realism and a level of challenge never seen before. Thanks to MotoGP ™ 19 players will be able to take part in the 2019 season, choosing whether to face the MotoGP ™ champions immediately or take on the role of a young driver, who makes his way from the Red Bull MotoGP ™ Rookies Cup to the top class. 

Here is ANNA, our super-performing AI based on Neural Networks 
ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Agent), is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system based on neural networks developed together with Orobix - a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence solution engineering. The new neural AI allows an incredible level of challenge for the players, with faster and more precise opponents and extremely realistic behaviors. However, to meet the needs of all players, the difficulty level will be completely customizable. Instead, for our hardcore MotoGP ™ fans, the challenge has never been so difficult! 

Play online with your friends 
The new Multiplayer mode presents important improvements both in terms of technical infrastructure and gaming experience. With i Dedicated Servers, the gameplay is now incredibly smooth and rewarding. Players can scroll through the list of Public Lobby to find the best match for your needs or, thanks to the Private Lobby, create a fully customizable Grand Prix to compete only with friends. Milestone also introduced the mode Race Director, which allows you to manage every aspect of online competitions and assign penalties to drivers' irregular behavior, just like in a real MotoGP ™ race. Thanks to TV Director mode, players will be able to manage game cameras, to capture the most breathtaking actions to include in livestreams. 

A dip in the legend 
The mode Historical Challenges it's a real dive into the history of MotoGP ™, where players will have more than 50 legendary riders and 35 official bikes in the 500cc and MotoGP ™ categories, all perfectly recreated in every detail. Along with the official 19 tracks of the current season, there will be 3 historical tracks, Laguna Seca 2013, Donington 2009 and Catalunya 2015, which will bring to mind all the memories of MotoGP ™ fans. 

To each driver his style 
In MotoGP ™ 19 there are many new tools to make your rider unique, choosing from the widest selection of accessories and brands ever; thanks to the graphic editors it is also possible to create helmets with a unique design like the most famous MotoGP ™ champions, to draw the style of the race number and the lower butt patch. All player-created items can be shared with the community, so everyone can rate or download them! ** 

A new challenge 
Just like in the real MotoGP ™ 2019 season, this year there will be the debut of the new Enel MotoE ™ FIM World Cup, where zero-emission bikes will be usable in some of the most famous circuits of the MotoGP ™ Championship. Thanks to their peculiarities, such as high torque and weight, with MotoE motorcycles players will experience a completely new driving style. 

MotoGP ™ 19 is now available for PlayStation®4Xbox One Windows PC® / STEAM. The game will come up Nintendo Switch ™ il 27 June *. 

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* The Nintendo Switch version does not include the online Multiplayer and its features. Instead, the Local Multiplayer mode is present instead. 
** In the Nintendo Switch version the elements created by the players cannot be shared online.