Yesterday the first Stadia Connect was aired, a conference where all the main information relating to Google Stadia and to the outgoing games on the streaming platform.

As already stated by the company, it will be possible to play from 720p up to 4K but, rightly, you need the right connection. To get to 720p, 10Mbps is needed, while for 4K 35Mbps are required for an optimal experience.

If you are wondering if your connection is ready, Google has made a special Speedtest available at following link. Out of curiosity, I tried to do it myself. I stress that I was in a normal situation, with a PC and three phones connected to the Wi-Fi network. On a connection from 50Mb, the Ookla Speedtest gives me a 30Mb result in download and 20 in upload with 30 of ping. The test performed on the Google site results in 7Mb, too few to use Stadia.

Let us know the results of your speed tests!