Destiny 2 will soon leave the, but where will the game come after leaving the Activision / Blizzard protective wing?

It can be said that the game designed by Bungie has been under the watchful eye of players for a long time, especially since the division between Activision and Bungie took place.

As expected, Destiny 2 couldn't stay on for long and the developers had to find a new home for their game. Given the recent developments and the information received via the Stadia livestream, we know that the looter shooter is in partnership with Google. Which online store can then become the right one for this union? Steam of course.

It can be said that the Epic Game Store was certainly one of the most noble options and on the one hand the players would not have been surprised, given the large number of exclusives that the store has managed to grab in recent times, but the announcement of Luke Smith could not have been clearer. Destiny 2 will arrive on Steam.

Some players will not like this transition, but Smith is keen to point out that the version of Destiny on will be the same on Steam. The most important thing is that all our data in the game will be moved hand in hand, so as not to lose the progress of the game and the loot obtained over time.

The biggest doubt is whether this transition will happen without problems or if some accident will happen, but for now we can not do anything but put trust in the boys of Bungie.

Meanwhile, you've heard that there was a live broadcast on Stadia the reveal for the new Destiny 2 expansion?