During the Pokémon Direct aired today was announced exit date of last titles of the main video game series Pokémon called respectively Pokémon Sword e Shield Pokémon. New game features and Pokémon discovered for the first time in the Galar region were also unveiled, the place where the highly anticipated two chapters will be set. Let's find out what the new features are:

The Dynamax phenomenon
The phenomenon Dynamax occurs in certain places in Galar, allowing the Pokémon to take on gigantic dimensions during the struggle, and is a key component of the Pokémon struggles that take place in this region. Galar's Pokémon can dynamaxize, obtaining one unprecedented force and becoming even more powerful. Trainers can dynamax a Pokémon once for the fight, and the dynamaxized Pokémon will return to its basic form after three shifts. Furthermore, only Trainers who have a Dynamax Cuff can dynamax their Pokémon.

When a Pokémon is dynamaxized, all his moves become special Dynamax moves, not only very powerful moves, but in some cases also equipped with additional effects. An example is Dynattacco, a Dynamax move of Normal type that has the additional effect of decreasing the speed of the opponents it hits. Dynamax moves depend on the moves the Pokémon knows before dynamaxizing and their type.
The Pokémon Gyms
In the region of Galar there are various stadiums that host the Gyms, and in these buildings trainers and Trainers who specialize in a particular type gather. To obtain the title of Champion or Champion, players must defeat the strongest coach of each Gym, namely the Gym Leader. The struggles against the Gym Leaders, which often involve clashes between colossal dynamaxized Pokémon, attract a large number of spectators and are also broadcast on television throughout the Galar region. One of these exceptional coaches is Yarrow, the Grass-type Gym Leader, as well as a specialist in long-term confrontations. He is much loved by the Coaches of his Gym, and for him what matters most in fights is having fun.

Explore the Savage Lands and participate in a Dynamax Raid
Le Wildland are vast expanses of unspoiled nature that extend into the Galar region. This stretch of wilderness connects cities and towns to each other, and contains a huge variety of Pokémon, much more than in any other corner of Galar. The species that can be found change according to different factors, including weather conditions and where you are, so the Wild Lands have something new to offer on each visit. In this area, moreover, players will be able to explore the vast expanses in search of Pokémon and instruments in full freedom, controlling the camera at will.

In the Wilds take place i Dynamax Raid, a new type of fight in which each player will have to team up with three other Trainers to face a wild Pokémon Dynamax. Coaches will have the chance to catch him if they manage to defeat him ... but it won't be easy. The wild Pokémon Dynamax, in fact, will remain gigantic and will retain its special powers for the duration of the fight. Teamwork will be crucial, because only one team member can dynamax one of its Pokémon. Also, some Pokémon can only be captured during Dynamax Raids. Teaming up with three other friends via Nintendo Switch Online (To play online, you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription (sold separately) and a Nintendo account.) Dynamax Raids can be even more fun. However, if no other three players are available to take on the fight against the wild Pokémon Dynamax, Support Trainers will be automatically chosen.
The culture and characters of Galar
In Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, players will travel to the Galar region and discover many unique locations, such as cities where men and Pokémon work side by side. Here Pokémon play a very important role, and are in great demand by various companies for their work skills. Moreover, in the Galar culture, the Pokémon struggles are the most loved spectacle. They are held in stadiums and always attract large crowds of fans and spectators ready to cheer for Gym Leaders or their challengers. Coaches of all backgrounds meet at the Pokémon League to challenge each other and hone their fighting skills. As inhabitants of Galar, players will embark on their journey through the region and will have to face all the gyms in the region and climb the top of the Pokémon League to win the title of Champion or Champion.
Along the way they will encounter many different characters and different Pokémon:

  • dandel is the current champion of Galar, and to date he has never suffered a defeat in an official match. Appreciated both for his skill and for his personality, Dandel is considered the greatest trainer in all of Galar.

  • Hop is Dandel's younger brother and the player's neighbor. The two will start their adventure the same day, and their common goal of becoming Champions will make them rivals.

  • La Professor Flora is Professor of the Galar region and is dedicated to research on the Dynamax phenomenon.

  • Sonia is the niece and assistant of Professor Flora and a childhood friend of Dandel. She is a young researcher but with a vast knowledge and always willing to give good advice.

Legendary Pokémon
Legendary Pokémon Zacian e Zamazenta they are surrounded by a dense mystery even for the inhabitants of the Galar region. Zacian struggles moving with such grace that he even manages to charm his opponents. In his mouth he holds what appears to be a sword, whose sparkling blade is so sharp that it can cleave anything. With his imposing movements and the body covered by what appears to be a shield, Zamazenta manages to repulse any attack and overwhelm any opponent who dares to face it.

The first traveling companions
Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble are the three Pokémon where players can choose their first adventure companion. Here are some new details discovered about them.
Category: Chimpanzee Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 0,3 m
Weight: 5,0 kg
Skills: Help

His wand, from the forest in which groups of these Pokémon live, gained special powers due to prolonged exposure to the energy that Grookey produces by absorbing the sun's rays with his green fur. It seems that this Pokémon can make bright leaves and faded flowers come back by tapping its wand next to them.
Category: Rabbit Pokémon
Type: Fire
Height: 0,3 m
Weight: 4,5 kg
Skills: Self-ignition

Thanks to its powerful lower limbs, Scorbunny runs and hops around opponents confusing them and disorienting them. The pads under his paws can become fiery, allowing him to kick in to burn the enemy. Thanks to the bag in the chest that contains dense fiery energy, Scorbunny manages to accelerate his heartbeat and increase his body temperature by running here and there. In this state, Scorbunny manages to pull out all the power of his fiery energy, greatly increasing his physical strength.
Category: Leekwater Pokémon
Type: Water
Height: 0,3 m
Weight: 4,0 kg
Skills: Help

When Sobble touches the water, its color and the motif on its body change, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings. This Pokémon is very fearful: when it is nervous or embarrassed it secretes water from the body as if it were sweat and disappears, becoming confused with the environment. If he feels in danger, Sobble begins to cry desperately, spreading tears of miraculous effect, equal to that of a hundred onions, thus causing those present to burst into uncontrollable crying. Then take advantage of the diversion to escape.
Galar's Pokémon
The Galar region is home to many different species of Pokémon. There is still not much information on the biological characteristics of these Pokémon, still subject to careful study by numerous experts.
Category: Sweet Flower Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 0,4 m
Weight: 2,2 kg
Skills: Lint / Rigenergia
Gossifleur prefers places with clean air and water. Its pollen has therapeutic properties, and it is commonly used in Galar as a natural remedy in the form of herbal tea for sick children. It is carried away by the wind for miles and miles and controls its course by bending the body and the petals.

Category: Cotofronzolo Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 0,5 m
Weight: 2,5 kg
Skills: Lint / Rigenergia
When Gossifleur evolves into Eldegoss, its head is covered with a thick fluff that acts as a cushion, protecting it from damage. It seems that its small fluffy seeds are rich in nutrients that benefit both people and Pokémon. Eldegoss spreads its seeds throughout the region, thus enriching Galar's soil with nutrients.

Category: Sheep Pokémon
Type: Normal
Height: 0,6 m
Weight: 6,0 kg
Skills: Morbidone / Fugafacile
Wooloo's white fleece continues to grow throughout life, and if it is shorn at zero it grows completely again within three months. They make clothes, carpets and other similar products, famous specialties of the Galar region. Wooloo lives in a pack and constantly copies his Trainer or the pack leader. He does not like to fight and if needed he escapes from his enemies by rolling.

Category: Crow Pokémon
Type: Steering Wheel / Steel
Height: 2,2 m
Weight: 75,0 kg
Skills: Pressure / Agitation
Corviknight, which can often be seen darting agile in flight, is considered the strongest Pokémon of all those that populate the skies of the Galar region. Many say that any foolish Pokémon to challenge is put to flight by a simple fierce gaze and the cry of this fearsome adversary. Many specimens put their excellent flying skills and great intelligence at the service of the Galar Transport company by transporting people from one city to another.

Category: Bite Pokémon
Type: Water / Rock
Height: 1,0 m
Weight: 115,5 kg
Skills: Ferromascella / Guscioscudo
Thanks to its serrated teeth, Drednaw, the Bite Pokémon, can detach pieces of rock and break the iron. Despite having a very heavy armor, he is able to move quickly thanks to the particularly developed muscles. He is known for his aggressive nature, so much so that only the most skilled coaches manage to control him, and it seems that many even end up giving up, making him go back to nature.

Wild Pokémon
When players come across wild Pokémon that can be seen roaming around in the long grass or caves, the fight will start. Some Pokémon will chase the players as soon as they see them, while others will run away. The "!" Icon that appears on the tall grass will indicate that a Pokémon is hidden there.
Each Pokémon has an ability, which can have certain effects in the fight, during exploration, or both. In Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, Gossifleur and Eldegoss can have the Fluff skill. Thanks to it, if the Pokémon takes an attack, it spreads the lint that decreases the speed of the other Pokémon.
Whenever players see or capture a Pokémon during the adventure in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, its information will be recorded in the Pokédex which, in these games, is part of the Smart Rotom. In it, of course, lies Rotom, a Pokémon that has the habit of entering electrical appliances. But the Smart Rotom is much more than just a Pokédex: for example, it can be connected to the bike to make it move faster on land or, with some modifications to the bike itself, it can even allow movement on the water surface.

Sword Pokémon e Shield Pokémon will available on November 15 2019 exclusive Nintendo Switch.