Apple it can be loved or hated, but it cannot be denied that in terms of style it has always had an edge, especially in the past. The design of the Macs has made school, as well as that of the iPhone, but something has gone wrong with time and maybe we have a confirmation with the new Third generation Mac Pro.

Yesterday, at WWDC 2019, Phil Schiller in fact presented the new range of professional Macs with the cost of well 6000 $: the features are certainly first rate, everything is optimized to the maximum, but what has most impressed the world of web and the design. Practically one cheese grater.

Actually this particular design it resumes that of the first Mac Pro, abandoning the mirror and glossy surface of the second generation, yet it was so extreme that it really seemed like a grater.

The posts on Twitter they didn't wait any longer and we find on the web already hundreds of gifs and memes that make fun of these new Mac Pro. Extraordinary machines, nothing to say, but perhaps an extra eye on design would not have spoiled.