TAIPEI, Taiwan– (BUSINESS WIRE) –lt; a href = "" target = "_ blank" gt; #Lgamelt; / agt; –For decades video games have have been testing ground for all sorts of innovations in the digital universe, so it's only logical that the trend continues with blockchain. Giants like Microsoft, Google, Tencent, and Alibaba have all made significant investments into gaming blockbusters, hoping to proof-of-concept some of blockchains' most exciting future uses-like, proof of identity / ownership, intellectual property protection, and digitally-represented transferrable stores of value.

Lgame, a Taiwanese-based blockchain technology company, is creating a platform to make it easier for both developers and gamers worldwide to enter the blockchain. The game provides users with a frictionless one-stop integration service, creating an open “Alipay” and game-banking system for the blockchain gaming industry.

In the early era of blockchain technology development, most components of meaningful user adoption. And as such, the mainstream gaming community has no convenient onramp to enter the world of blockchain, slowing adoption.

The team founding the team saw this as an opportunity to eliminate the obstacles. With abundant industry experiences and ample resources, the focuses on providing frictionless one-stop integration services for users and the crucial aspect of the industry by creating an open payment and game-banking system for the blockchain.

Lgame's project development process is divided into three phases:

In phase one Lgame will launch all sorts of popular blockchain games with the concept of “Gaming as Investment,” by adopting the world-class gaming engine technology from Egretia and containing user-friendly mining modes and features. Profits will be redistributed to loyal community supporters, driving traffic onto the platform. Frictionless transactions and unique features be added like, mini futures contracts, a Lgame OTC Market, and Lgame Wealth Management will create a complete traffic aggregation portal.

Phase two is the launch of the “Interstellar Payment System,” the open “Alipay-esque” payment system, and the creation of the OTC Market Lgame. The Lgame Foundation will also launch an IGOs ​​through the exchanges within the Lgame ecosystem.

In phase three The modules and protocols will be used to assist other related enterprises to accelerate their construction and expansion. Each of the individual ecosystems will overlap to build a massive ecosystem with unlimited imagination and growth potential.

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