Here we are, the wait is finally over. After a livestream on the Playstation Twitch account for a whole day, a new trailer has finally been released Death Stranding. During the reveal time, more than 150.000 users were connected. At the end of the trailer, the announcement that everyone was waiting for, namely the exit date. 8 November 2019. The game is also available for pre-order.

Hideo Kojima has released a statement in which it provides further explanations on what kind of game will be. Find it below along with a translation, and of course together with the new trailer, which lasts a good nine minutes.

"People have built" Walls "and are now used to living in isolation.

DEATH STRANDING is an action game completely of a new type, where the player's goal is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. All the elements, including the story and the gameplay, are joined together by the concept of "Strand" (Filo), or connection.
As Sam Porter Bridges, you will try to "bridge" these divisions, and in the meantime, create new links or "threads" with other players around the world.
Through your gaming experience, I hope you will understand the true importance of making connections with others.
Now, please enjoy the latest Death Stranding trailer.

Hideo Kojima "

In the trailer you can finally see more substantial gameplay sections and the names of most of the characters are revealed. Many international stars, who are going to form a cast worthy of a film production. Then mark the date on the calendar, because Kojima's return is near.