How many times you have happened to face powerful enemies in your adventures and to think that, if you were in their shoes, you would be invincible. Probably the same thing he thought Lance McDonald, one of the most renowned content creators on the titles made by From Software. In this spirit the boy launched into the creation of a mod for Bloodborne which allows you to take control of all the game's enemies, including bosses.

As Lance explains on Twitter, just press the L3 button after targeting an enemy to gain control, and it will be at your complete command of its peculiar moveset. There are no limitations on the enemies that can be subjected to their will, but only on how much they can distance themselves from the protagonist of the game. To regain control of your character, just press the L1 + R1 + R3 keys simultaneously.

But the boy's ambitions do not end there, given that he intends to try to replicate this new feature even in the most recent Sekiro. And the first results seem rather encouraging.

Enemies created by From Software they are among the most lethal and scary in the history of video games, and taking control of them certainly creates a feeling of unique contentment. Already a few days ago we talked about how a mod would allow Overwatch's heroes to be used in unpublished fighter planes. This latest result achieved by Lance McDonald shows how the modder community is able to think completely outside the box, realizing ideas that are unthinkable for most gamers.