Modder creativity knows no limits, as does their ability to think outside the box to create something that no one could ever imagine. I think that no one would ever even remotely think that he could play an aerial combat simulator on Overwatch. And yet, someone has thought of it and that day has arrived.

The idea started from GhibliOmatiC, and it was possible to realize it thanks to the Overwatch Workshop, which allows players to open the game to their liking to modify their structure and rules. And here comes this new version of Overwatch in the third person, where Bastion, Lucio, D.Va and Reinhardt turn into pulsating clusters of light in the shape of planes that fly in game maps, shooting each other. Each of the four heroes is able to use some of his abilities in new ways. For example Reinhardt cannot use his hammer, but he can launch his shot from a distance as many times as he wants. We leave you a video demonstration of the mod in action.

I wonder if in the future this artist will be able to transform even the other heroes into destructive planes. For the moment, if you feel like it you can have fun in the workshop thanks to the code you find that.