The Epic Games store continues to give us pearls. We continue to take them, rigorously aggratis. This week, starting from today until 30 May, the free game offered by Epic is RiME. Present on digital stores for about 35 euros, for the next seven days we can download it for free and keep it there forever.

RiME is an adventure puzzle game developed by Tequila Works and published the 26 May 2017 on all platforms. The title has aroused a lot of curiosity and a lot of positive criticism, both for the absolutely innovative narrative, and for a game environment that manages to perfectly interpret the videogame mood. The plot of RiME, which we could define as tear-jerking but without being banal and predictable, speaks of a boy wrecked in an isolated island that tries to rejoin his father. In doing so, he will find himself exploring the open world map (beautiful and made with the Unreal Engine 4) and facing and solving many environmental puzzles.
Below the trailer, we strongly advise you to download it and play it. You can go to the download by clicking here. 

In addition to RiME, weren't you going to miss The Sims 4 for free on Origin? Fortunately, you still have time until May 28. Link here.