A few days ago the Epic Mega Sales began in theEpic Games Store and the offers are really tempting, maybe even too much. According to witness of the streamer Patrick BoivinIn fact, buying too many games in quick succession leads to the ban of your account.

During the sales the streamer bought five games in a row, to then see the message that appears below:

Opened the case, the PR clarified the situation Nick Chester, explaining that this is due to a anti-fraud protection system accounts, to prevent an attacker from accessing our account and take advantage of it to buy many games.

An appreciable solution, but perhaps the limit of five games is really too low, especially in situations like precisely the Epic Mega Sales. It would be enough enter the cart in the Epic Games Store, so you can buy more games at once and without making many separate purchases in quick succession, but at the moment this it is not part of Epic's future plans.