Stories Untold is the new Free is Beautiful of today, directly from theEpic Games Store.

The game consists of 4 stories narrated with an experimental approach, a mix of text adventure, point and click and much more. Each of the stories is characterized by a unique gameplay and by the mechanics that make it an experience different from the others.

But the particular and innovative gameplay is not the only aspect to appreciate. Stories Untold throws us directly into the Years' 80, having a colonna sonora which refers to the era in which the synthesizer was the master. The atmosphere is that of a psychological horror which, combined with everything else, contributes to creating a story to be lived savoring every detail.

For fans of the 80 years and for those who are looking forward to the new season of Stranger Things, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Force fan of Free is Beautiful, Stories Untold expect nothing more than to be part of your collection.