Nintendo Direct on Super Mario Maker 2 it has just ended and there has been no lack of game news. The Kyoto industry has indeed revealed some details on the upcoming title il 28 June, where they were shown new tools, themes and elements for the levels as well as an unprecedented story mode.

During the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct, Nintendo has communicated new details on Super Mario Maker 2, coming exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 28. In particular, new tools, themes and elements for levels and a single player story mode made up of more than 100 levels created by Nintendo were shown. Furthermore, it was revealed that in addition to sharing their own levels online, this time the players will be able to create and play with friends. Before announcing the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 tournament, which will be broadcast live by Los Angeles E3.

What's new?: the new features include many elements and tools to use in Super Mario Maker 2, including:

  • Climb - Create angled surfaces by setting a direction and length. Less steep climbs are also available.
  • Evil sun - Do you remember the evil sun that attacked Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3? He is back and ready to torment players in this new game.
  • ON / OFF switch - Hit an ON / OFF switch and all the red and blue blocks will be exchanged. By placing them in the right way, players can create insidious obstacles and puzzles.
  • Water level - The water level in Super Mario Maker 2 can be adjusted in the Forest theme, so that only half of the level is submerged if this is what the player wants. It is even possible to make the water rise and fall at different speeds over time.
  • Banzai Bill - The red variations of these classic Super Mario enemies have one
    research capacity that allows them to follow poor Mario wherever he goes.
  • Create together - Give a friend a Joy-Con and create a level together.
  • Keep it going…: there are many other new secrets in Super Mario Maker 2. The players yes
    they will have a great time trying out all the tools and functions they can create the levels of their dreams.
  • Story mode: in the single-player story mode, playable entirely offline, Mario must help Princess Peach rebuild her castle. To finance the reconstruction, our hero must accumulate coins by accepting assignments and completing the relative levels. With more than 100 levels created by Nintendo, story mode is also a great way to find inspiration for your own works.
  • New themes for the levels: in addition to all those in the original game, this title features the themes Desert, Snow, Forest and Sky, accompanied by new music by Koji Kondo, the famous composer of the Super Mario series. The new Moon element can be used to unlock night versions of the themes. Furthermore, depending on the theme used, at night you will be able to see disturbing things, such as floating Goomba, dim lights in the haunted house and desert sandstorms. Some objects may even turn ...
    <br>• Super Mario 3D World: players can choose from various styles for their levels: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U and a new style that recalls Super Mario 3D World. The latter has unique features, such as:
  • Mario cat - Mario cat can climb walls, scratch, slide and jump on enemies.
    Players can also use it to climb the finish line flag.
  • Transparent tube - Transparent tubes can take any shape as desired
    player but must be used with skill: even enemies can use them!
  • Auto Koopa - Jump aboard this bolide and hurtle through the level, but do
    be careful not to crash!
  • Trajectory block - The trajectory block follows any path the player draws.
    The blue one starts moving when the player tramples on it.
  • Plant Serpiranha - The Serpiranha Plant follows the path drawn by the player,
    stretching its sharp stem along the level.
  • Who's who in Super Mario 3D World?: in Super Mario Maker 2 will do theirs
    appearance of different familiar faces, to the delight of players.
  • Levels from the world: Levels from the world, an online portal where players can tackle and share levels, as well as playing together, is available for Nintendo Switch Online members. Players can search for the most popular or recent levels, even using specific tags such as "Puzzles" or "Scrolling". After downloading a level, it will be playable at any time, even offline. Users can also customize the look of their Miis using items such as t-shirts and hats that are unlocked after reaching certain goals. In Infinite Challenge, players will try to complete as many levels as possible on a difficulty of their choice before the game over arrives. Getting scores worthy of note in this mode could even be worth a place in the standings.
    <br>• Playing together: in World Levels, players can take levels together with users from all over the world. When playing in four, you can choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad or Toadette.
  • Competition - In this online multiplayer mode, four players face each other
    in a horizontal scrolling challenge. Each player will be assigned a
    different character, and the four will then have to compete in the level to try to
    get first.
  • Cooperation - In this online mode, up to four players must help each other to complete the level. If a player reaches the finish line, everyone wins.
  • Players near you - If up to four players have a Nintendo console
    Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 each, one of them can create a virtual room that other users in the same place can access to play
    together, everyone on his console. Only the player who creates the room needs
    an Internet connection.
    <br>• Super Mario Maker Bundle 2 + Nintendo Switch Online: from 28 June, in addition to the standard version of the game, a limited edition will also be available in stores and Nintendo eShop, including an individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for 12 months. By preordering Super Mario Maker 2 - limited edition in Nintendo eShop, or by preordering the standard or limited edition at their trusted retailer, players will also be able to get an exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 themed stylus. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the online features of the game.
    <br>• Nintendo Switch game voucher: This exclusive offer allows Nintendo Switch Online members to purchase two Nintendo Switch game vouchers for only 99 €. Each of the vouchers can be used to download any of the games included in the program catalog, thus giving members the chance to get two games at a reduced price. For example, using a voucher to pre-order Super Mario Maker 2 and the other to download Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can save 30,98 € on the combined price of both games in Nintendo eShop. This program is a great way to get two games, including those that can be preordered, at a reduced price. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase and do not need to be used together. Nintendo subscribers Switch Online can purchase and use Nintendo Switch game vouchers via Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

  • Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 - 8 June, four members of the Super Mario Maker community will compete in a selection of crazy and unpredictable levels designed by the Nintendo Treehouse team. The event will kick off hostilities at The Theater at the Ace in Los Angeles starting at 20: 00 and will be followed by the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 3v3 2019.