After so many years of domination, Steam has seen the arrival of a new store which, although at the beginning of its life, is already finding a huge slice of the public: theEpic Games Store.

Strong of the many profits made also and above all thanks to Fortnite, Epic Games is implementing a really aggressive pricing and revenue policy for developers, even managing to get caught up with some important exclusives, temporary and not. But that's not all. In the same vein as Steam's summer sales, Epic gave the go-ahead for Epic Mega Sale, a period of time (until June 13) in which so many games are discounted at bargain prices.

In the Epic Mega Sale we find discounts up to 75% and if you purchased one of the currently discounted games between the 2 and the 15 in May, Epic will reimburse the price difference who paid himself at that time.

A really aggressive maneuver, which surely won't affect the boxes of Epic given the continuous and enormous revenues of Fortnite.