World of Warcraft is returning to its roots with WoW Classic. The Vanilla servers will give players the chance to go back in time, at the time of the publication of the most famous MMORPG in the world. WoW Classic will be published worldwide on 27 August. However, in view of its imminent release, the team of Blizzard is organizing a beta phase to begin testing the servers.

Although WoW Classic will be released in late August, fans will be able to launch into the beta test starting from 15 May. The development team plans several stress tests:

The first will go from Wednesday 22 May to Thursday 23 May; the second from Wednesday 19 June to Thursday 20 June; the third from Thursday 18 July to Friday 19 July.

Access to this beta phase of WoW Vanilla is possible by invitation only. Blizzard will choose the participants who have selected this option through the management of the account, a procedure that can be carried out through Official site. Here is the company statement:

"To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we will choose dedicated players who meet certain criteria of both the WoW Classic beta and the standard Warcraft beta. Participants will also need to have an active or active playing time on their account. Selecting the beta is the main way to make sure you are running for the test but this does not necessarily guarantee an invitation. Additional factors are also considered such as the time from which a player is registered to the game, in order to have the right mix of players to guarantee excellent feedback in making WoW Classic the best experience for the community. "