Fans of the FPS classical I am waiting for SIGIL, the imminent megawad of DOOM, realized by the study Romero Games, of course, headed John romero. The game had already been postponed from February to April but now it seems that Sigil was postponed again, this time due to "Production problems" by the publisher Limited Run Games.

Romero stated on his account Twitter that Sigil has ended "for a while", which means that the delay is not a problem related to the development of this mega-expansion stand-alone DOOM. The postponement concerns the problems of the Beast Box, the retail version of the title.

It is worth remembering that when Sigil was postponed in April, Romero declared his intention to ensure that the digital and physical versions were published simultaneously. According to the latest update on the Romero Games website, it seems that this choice has not changed.