The most weird ideas sometimes prove to be the most effective. At the announcement of the making of a film on Detective Pikachu, the reactions of the web were mainly hilarious. Considering the infinite amount of sources from which to draw from the world Pokémon for the first feature film in live action, Detective Pikachu it didn't seem to be the right choice, and the risk of seeing a rambling, botched, or even disrespectful product was high. The first trailer managed to calm the spirits a bit, also because of the involvement of Ryan Reynolds in the role of the unusual detective. But only the complete vision of the work could have told us if the crazy idea of ​​a film about Pikachu investigator was much more than a simple gift to the fans of the world Pokémon. I can reassure the skeptics by saying that Pokémon: Detective Pikachu it is nothing of the above. In reverse, he quietly applies as one of the best products inspired by the world of pocket monsters.

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The first thing that surprises is how natural the interaction between humans and Pokémon appears in the city of Ryme City. There is nothing forced or out of place in this place where the coexistence of the two different species is peaceful and equal, unlike the world Pokémon that we know, where the latter are subordinate to men. Pokémon fit perfectly into the modern human world, work with us and actively contribute to the functioning of society. Perhaps this is the greatest achievement of the film, that of not making a lively and lively city like Ryme City seem absurd and unrealistic. In this city Tim must extricate himself, a boy forced to find himself there from the events, and not of his will. Wary of Pokémon, his father's death leads him to Ryme City reluctantly, and the city initially seems to crush and oppress him, aided by his mentality not very open to colorful creatures. But it will be the meeting with Pikachu to move the gears, a Pikachu that only Tim is able to understand. And that Pikachu: irreverent, easy-going, engaging, almost chatty as Deadpool, coincidentally. Ryan Reynolds transfers the exuberant character of the mercenary in red overalls to the inside of the electric yellow mouse, and works very well. This impromptu couple will have to work together to solve the mystery of the death of Tim's father, and although the case would be rather trivial at first glance in any other investigative film, the implications and connections with the world Pokémon make it fresh.

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The film plays on many conventions known to fans about little monsters to build its twists, some more predictable than others but always plausible, well managed and built. The emotional side of the story is the weaker one, but it does not clash and is necessary to give a more mature tone to what is seen on the screen, so that different sections of the public can be interested in what is being told. The design of Pokémon made in CGI works. The care with which they were created is very high, as are the details of their behavior within the city. You will often see electric-type Pokémon walk on power cables, or fight-type Pokémon perform various practical tasks. Unsatisfactory designs can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a satisfactory result. The only problems are related to the fact that Tim is constantly led by others, he rarely acts on his own initiative, and this makes him a flat protagonist for whom it is difficult to feel any admiration. Understandable given that the real star of the film is Pikachu, but the charisma of Reynolds chokes every bit of air to Justice Smith, making him appear often like a soft one. This problem inevitably spills over into other characters who take on the mere function of deus ex machina, wasting a lot of exploitable potential in better ways.

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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is the movie we didn't know we needed. An absolutely respectful product towards the source to which it draws, also thanks to the production of The Pokémon Company behind him, which plays very well the task for which he was conceived, that is to say entertaining with a good story set in a world in which entire generations of children, boys and today adults have dreamed of wanting to live at least once. Fans of the Pokémon world will be able to appreciate it more than the others, finding here and there little easter eggs scattered throughout the duration of the film and noticing some uses of Pokémon in everyday life in truly ingenious ways. But even those who approach this reality for the first time and are not accustomed to the franchise will be able to enjoy a pleasant film that certainly will not be remembered as a masterpiece, but that we can serenely include in the very short list of excellent films taken from video games. And who knows the average quality of these last ones, knows very well that this is not little.