Wolfenstein: Youngblood it is undoubtedly a break with the past for the franchise di Wolfenstein. The new chapter of the reboot of the series, in fact, will be a co-op in which we will play as Blazkowicz's daughters, in search of the missing father. But Youngblood it will also differ from its predecessors in other fields: the level design, for example, is inspired by Dishonored, and this in intent should improve the replay value and make the game less linear.

Talking about it is the executive producer of the game, Jerk Gustafsson, in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine. Gustafsson talked about the collaboration with Arkane Studios, and how it approached Youngblood to the style of Dishonored. According to Gustafsson, the new campaign will be shorter and a little less loaded with content, but the actual hours of play will increase, thanks to the design "Open" of the levels, which will allow to complete a mission in different ways. It also increases the number of secondary missions and activities to be performed. Several of these will become available once the main campaign has ended.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood 26 will be released on July on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.