A trial version of Monster Hunter World is available now on Playstation 4 until 20 May. The version in question allows you to play the introductory section of the world-famous title of Capcom home.

All eight tasks up to the quests Rank Hunter 4 / 3 ★ are available as part of the free trial. Personalized your hunter, you will go to the New world as a member of Research Commission to solve the mystery of Crossing of the Elders. If you come across under certain conditions you will also be able to carry out other optional quests, explorations, quest challenges and events before arriving at assignments Rank Hunter 4 / 3 ★.

Monster Hunter Trial version

The trial version includes two places: theAncient Forest and Wildspire Waste (the main story includes five instead). You can visit these places to complete missions or simply to explore.

And, as you can easily guess, you can play online with other users who have the full version and your saves will be transferred to the full version of Monster Hunter World, should you decide to buy it.

What are you waiting for? Run to download it!