After the acquisition of the title by theEpic Games Store, Psyonix has revealed future plans regarding a roadmap Rocket League, specifically those for the summer period.

First of all, the acquisition of epic Games it will have no consequences in the game in the short term, but in the future there will be some news about it that at the moment have not been revealed. Next month the biggest event ever will be held within the game, during which it will be possible to obtain new items and participate in particular events for a limited period of time. Apart from this, it will be possible to get experience enhancement packages and improvements will be made to inventory management, along with numerous other updates aimed at improving the quality of the experience. For the latter, we speak specifically of a more efficient system of team formation with strangers.

We can say that the title of Psyonix it is constantly improving and the news is definitely juicy. On the official website of Rocket League be able to find the official statement concerning what is written above.