Predator Hunting Grounds, the new title from the Alien film series, was revealed to the players during the event State of Play by Sony.

If you thought a return of the biggest and deadliest galaxy hunter was unlikely, then you were really wrong. The Predator franchise seems to be in better shape than ever and we hope this game will show off.

During the presentation trailer, we see a group of soldiers intent on moving around in a jungle while hunting for something. As the camera follows the soldiers, we see the shot rise up revealing the real target of the soldiers, the Predator.

The game will use the asymmetric multiplayer mechanics known in Evolve, where a player controls the Predator while the rest will or will be hunted by it.

As for gadgets, we will have to wait for new information to know how alien technologies and weapons will be managed. Same story regarding the launch date, scheduled for a generic 2020.

The State of Play event, which lasted about ten minutes, unfortunately revealed nothing else, which leaves us waiting for more information about the new Predator Hunting Grounds.

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