Tetris 99, the Battle Royale version of the best-selling game of all time, has its first paid DLC, Big block, which inserts the much sought after offline mode.

That there were new ways on the horizon we knew for a long time thanks to the dataminers but now thanks to Big block we have two new modes: Battle against the CPU e Maratona, while a third will come in the future.

The mode Maratona is the classic Tetris that we all know and love. You choose a speed, you make blocks fall and the game speeds up until you can no longer continue

The mode Battle against the CPU it is nothing more than an online game training mode, where instead of having real opponents we have 98 opponents controlled by the AI.

Big Block costs 9,99 € and obviously does not require a subscription to the Nintendo Online service to take advantage of offline modes

Also remember that the third is about to begin Maximus Cup, to be precise, the 17 Maggio. If you manage to win at least 100 points between the 17 and the 20 in May, you will unlock a skin dedicated to the Game Boy Tetris.

PDVG Game boy tetris skin big Block
Here is the skin in prize!