Not long now at the exit of 2 Rage. The Bethesda shooter, which is making itself so talked about, shows itself in all its splendor in a launch trailer Brand new. In the video, released a little while ago on the account youtube channel di BethesdaSoftworksIT, you will retrace, in a sort of flashback quite singular, the whole circle of the life of human existence, from the release of the first two chapters of the saga, until it culminated at the dawn of time (including dinosaurs). We remind you that Rage 2 will be released on 14 May su Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e PC.

Here is the communiqué from Bethesda:


RAGE 2 | Watch the launch trailer

Hello everyone!

When your head is about to be severed an old giant cyborg by the hooked blade, you tend to reflect on the journey that took you there. A familiar feeling, right? When you see the launch trailer for RANGE 2, you will understand.

Watch the official launch trailer for RAGE 2:

RANGE 2 will be released next week, the 14 May 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Visit the official website of RANGE 2: to book the game and find out more about the crazy things you can do when you wear the "super-ranger" cloak.