It seems that Apex Legends is about to emulate its counterparts Fortnite e PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Or become a battle royale also playable on mobile devices. Details of this type of launch were revealed during a recent earnings report. During the latter Electronic Arts openly declared its intention to take the title to the mobile and Chinese market.

Il earnings report of fourth quarter di Electronic Arts 2019 provides further information on the inherent will to bring the game on mobile market means third parts:


"We are in advanced talks to bring Apex Legends into China and on mobile devices," the report says, "and we [will provide updates] on when these negotiations are concluded."


This plan seems increasingly credible, especially with regard to what was said from a given part of the report above, again from EA:


"On smartphones, this year we will have new titles for the first user tests, making sure we give players more time to test and give us useful feedback before the global development of the title."


Apex Legends on mobile devices
Soon we will also see Apex Legends on smartphones


Of course, this statement could be attributable to any EA mobile security, not necessarily to an upcoming release of Apex Legends.




From what has transpired, Electronic Arts and Respawn could soon be planning one stress test on the mobile counterpart of Apex Legends. Useful test for collect data on performance and bugs by users. As beta access continues to grow, the game could be ready within the next fiscal year. Model this somewhat similar to its counterparts battle royale.

There are no further details on the release of the mobile version of the game. Electronic Arts clearly has future plans in store for it. However, and if the details in the earnings report relating to the new mobile gaming tests will not disappoint expectations, it is possible that Apex Legends mobile can come out already this year.