We always talk about a digital future, a day when physical titles will be replaced entirely by digital counterparts that can be purchased from the shops of our consoles and PCs, and Microsoft wanted to anticipate times with his Xbox One All-Digital.

This is a version of the famous console where it is not possible to physically insert the game disc, but only play by buying and installing games from the Microsoft store. The console is from today also available in Italy at the price of 229,99 euro, as per press release:

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the first discless console designed for digital gaming, is available today on the Microsoft Store and at major electronics stores, for the price of 229,99 euros.

Designed to offer players new gaming experiences inspired by the evolution of consumer habits, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition offers the ability to store in the cloud in their own games, backups and backups, pre-install new titles to access them at the time of launch and, of course, collect your digital content.

In addition, the new console arrives on the market including three of the most popular and critically acclaimed games, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of ​​Thieves, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. For those who want to expand their collection, Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service available at an extraordinary monthly price, allows you to play more than 100 fantastic titles and access many exclusive content starting from Day 1.

Are you interested in Xbox One All Digital? Or do you prefer to continue with physical media, as long as the market does will allow?