RANGE 2 is now around the corner. The second title of the series of Bethesda will be published in a week and the software house has sent a press release with which it wants to prepare the players. Here are the ten things to know to better face the game and, if you want to play it on a PC, read below requirements:

RANGE 2 is now close to release and to be prepared for the launch of the game we focus on the key elements on which the expected product born of the collaboration between Avalanche Studios e Id Software is. A few years after the launch of the first chapter, RAGE 2 wants to go back to some of the most well-known and strong elements, renewing them and expanding them thanks to numerous and interesting news that, since the day of the presentation, have captured the attention of the public and of the dedicated press.
Of post-apocalyptic settings, in the world of videogames and more, they have now been seen in all colors but, thanks to an excellent background work, RAGE 2 will give the player a world that, although it has been devastated due to of the impact with a titanic meteorite, it still represents a metaphorical flame of hope and rebirth for man. Laws and the natural order have been weakly restored and Vineland, an oasis of peace, is one of the few bastion cities to oppose a redundant madness of thieves and brigands moved by the merciless hand of the Authority and not only.
Compared to the previous chapter, in the RAGE 2 it was decided to give prominence and vigor to the narrative component. The product will not be a simple sandbox because every place, person and action will be motivated by a precise and thoughtful narrative background that will lead the player to talk, as much as possible, with various NPCs present in the game and understand their particular story. Given the disgrace that occurred on the planet, it is also possible to exclude a strong emotional involvement in the interaction with certain actors on stage.
RAGE 2 will see the unprecedented participation in the development of two realities which, thanks to the work of the likes of DOOM and Just Cause, represent a guarantee for all players. Thanks to the respective experiences in first-person shooters and open worlds, the title will have a perfect fusion between these elements giving us a vast, vast and full of vehicles, activities and, above all, numerous weapons to use against the unfortunate enemies.
Thanks to the support of Avalanche Studios, RAGE 2 will enjoy an unexplored area to discover in all the cryptic chaos. The Devastated Zone, a place to be explored far and wide aboard a bombastic means of transport and, as a precautionary measure, an accompanying fire vent for the annoying setbacks that will arise before you during the gaming experience. The title promises to be as varied in settings as it is fun to explore them to get some kind of coveted reward or useful resource.
In the blood of Walker, the main protagonist of RAGE 2, flows an energetic archaic fluid capable of exploiting powerful nanotrits skills. In fact, in addition to using a variety of weapons, players will have the opportunity to own and master various techniques that are as devastating as they are rewarding for their taste. Walker will be able to use, for example, the Devastation to hit enemies with a kinetic wave or, to do even more harm, to exploit the Overload and strengthen up to capacity.
In RAGE 2 a massive presence of vehicles and weapons will be guaranteed to be used to better explore the immense game world and destroy any possible enemy resistance. The banality will be your enemy during the gaming experience since, constantly, you can vary both the attack pattern in battle and, of course, the driving style at your own free will.
In RAGE 2 you will have ample freedom in customizing both Walker and all the various vehicles that can be used in the title. You will be able to choose the gender and appearance of the main protagonist and everything will be accompanied by a tree of innate skills to unlock and manage in a personal way. It will be possible to exploit every possible vent of fire to personalize and enhance certain vehicles, implementing weapons and skills, for example, to facilitate driving and to better face every possible pitfall present in the gaming environment.
Without turning around, the refurbished and polished Wingstick will be the most iconic and fun weapon to use in RAGE 2. Taking advantage of new and spectacular features, the Wingstick will swoop the ghostly haze of death on the enemies in a way as pyrotechnic as winning thanks, for example, to the unprecedented possibility of changing the trajectory of launch and make it become a small remote-controlled missile.
Outside the protected walls of Vineland, Walker will have to deal with the dismal Devastated Zone and the various enemy factions within it. The player will face the Authority, an enemy anarchist already well known to those who played the first RAGE, and other fearsome enemies such as the Mutants of Abadon, the Bulli (already seen in the E3 2018 trailer) and the furtive Wild boars who they infest the Marshes. Many opponents, so many bullets to shoot like crazy!
RAGE 2, thanks to its tipical features, will give hours and hours of healthy and pure fun to every player who, moved by the desire to be free from any playful constraint, will give vent to his every hidden fantasy in facing enemies of all kinds and strength, travel the vast game map far and wide and enjoy the unexpected and winning working partnership between id Software and Avalanche Studios. In this regard, in fact, the powerful Apex graphics engine was used, thanks to which the world of RAGE 2 literally takes life. Fire to dust, the party is here!
Please note that Rage 2 will be officially available starting from the 14 May 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more information about the title, visit dedicated website