Even the night stops our search for free games to offer you with our Free is Beautiful. This time it's up to Kathy Rain, an old school adventure by Clifftop Games and Steam give it again for a very short time.

It will indeed be possible to obtain free of charge Kathy Rain su Steam up to 19 of Tuesday 7 May.

The adventure will take us through the years' 90. Impersonating Kathy Rain, an aspiring journalist, we will have to investigate the mysterious death of his grandfather while we deal with his troubled past. It all starts with a mysterious event that happened in the girl's hometown, a prelude to a story full of emotions and personal upsets.

Here are some features of the game:

  • Resolution to 320 × 240 (4: 3) with pixel art graphics
  • More than 4.000 lines of dialogues
  • English dubbing directed by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games
  • Original soundtrack
  • More than 40 hand-drawn settings
  • A compelling story with an eerie storyline set in the 90 years

Courage then. Enjoy this Free is Beautiful, get on the bike and get going. The mysteries will not be solved by themselves.