The official website of Tokyo Ghoul S, second live-action film taken from the well-known manga of Sui Ishida, revealed that the model Maggy (Natsuki Margaret Gibb) interpret a character called "Margaret"

The film will be available in Japan starting in July 19 and, below, you can find the poster.

Masataka Kubota (in the center of the image below) will return as Ken Kaneki, Maika Yamamoto (left in the image below) replaces Fumika Shimizu with Tōka Kirishima. Shota Matsuda (right in the image below) joins the cast as Shū Tsukiyama, a character who appears in the manga but was not present in the last film.

The first film was premiered at the 3 July 2017 at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The film then made its 29 debut in Japan in July 2017 finishing fifth in its opening weekend in Japan.

Funimation subsequently screened the first film in US cinemas in October 2017.