Sony recently announced that Playstation Plus games by May are overcookedWhat Remains of Edit Finch, two extremely different titles, and aimed at different categories of users but undoubtedly valid, especially if you want to play something different.

What Remains of Edit Finch follows the story of a woman, the last of her family, who tries to reconstruct the events of her origins. We will have the opportunity to learn about the life and death of each member of his family, through perspectives in first person with narrative weaves that will make it even more intriguing. The undeniable talent of Giant Sparrow, who was able to create a game with a very special atmosphere.

overcooked is a colorful adventure in which our goal is to collaborate with teammates and prepare succulent dishes. It might seem simple, but everything is made more complicated by various location able to test us. We are called to show not only our patience, but also our capacity for collaboration.

We remind you that both games will be available on Playstation Store the 7 May for free download, provided you are a PS Plus member, of course.

And you, were you satisfied with this month's PS Plus content, or would you have liked something else?