The practice of crunch unfortunately, it is a topic that often affects the world of software houses.

For those who do not know, with crunch we mean the increase in working hours of the employees out of proportion, with shifts that largely exceed the daily 12 hours, also renouncing to a correct diet, sleep and above all social life, all to be able to respect an urgent delivery date.

The co-founder of Path of Exile, Chris Wilson, wanted to explain the position of Grinding Gear Games on the topic on Reddit.

PDVG - Chris Wilson Crunch
Chris "Good Guy" Wilson

Wilson himself says: "Some studies make their teams work for 14 hours a day to fill every patch with every possible fix and possible improvement. Sometimes we read our Patch Notes and community feedback, which often seems to want to ask the same thing. But I will not direct this company this way"

Indeed the approach of Grinding Gear Games it is very different as they try to set themselves short-term goals so as not to have to jump through hoops just before the release date of the new update.

This obviously does not mean that slack is being beaten within the company, given that when it is required, especially close to the alloy updates, extraordinary work is also commissioned, but keeping in mind to leave the development team with a “good work / life balance".

The problem of Crunch, according to Wilson, it is born above all in the small development teams that, unable to hire other employees, must, by force of circumstances, work with the human resources available, arriving at almost inhuman working hours.

In particular, Wilson thinks that "squeeze"These teams, already overworked, do not always lead to the desired result, but apparently in the gaming industry world it is one of the few to think of it this way.

Just giving an example on Path of Exile, Wilson concludes by saying that the new patch, the 4.0.0, will bring lots of new features and improvements to their game, but not to the cost of their employees' health, reserving the right to postpone further updates in the future, to give their teams time to do things in the right times, without having to give up their life outside of work.