As you all know by now, Anthem it has been published in extremely critical conditions and has not received a good response either from the public or from the critics. In spite of this, he still sold very well. A few days ago BioWare announced the severe delays in the publication of all additional game content, so much so that people began to doubt that the game could have a future. However, some of the game developers have pointed out that BioWare's commitment to the project is indisputable. Chad Robertson, head of Anthem live services, stated on Twitter that BioWare remains fully committed to the game and will expand it with new content.

"We remain committed to 100% on Anthem and we look forward to showing players the new content we are working on. We want to make sure we are not too promising, so our updates on what will happen in the game will be focused when things are about to be completed "

A "big team" he is working on Anthem content in BioWare's Austin and Edmonton studios, Robertson added. The teams are working specifically for "Improve the game".

Also the leading manufacturer of BioWare, Michael Gamble, shared the words of Edmonton arguing that BioWare's commitment to Anthem "Has not changed".

As part of the software house's effort to communicate with fans and involve them, a PFE server (Player Feedback Environment) will be launched on the PC. This server wants to give a small number of players access to new content before it is publicly released for feedback. In short, a non-stop work that always aims to improve the product, we hope everything goes well.