Saints Row: The Third Free Falling
Saints Row: The Third. Second episode of the so-called "Memorable Moments"

Saints Raw The Third to Nintendo swtich is on the launch pad. Its exit is in fact planned for the May 10 next one. About that Deep Silver is publishing a series of gameplay entitled:"Memorable Moments" (taken directly from the Switch version of the game in Tv and non-portable mode) which emphasize moments topical area of series. After the first episode entitled: "When Good Heists Go Bad", The second chapter entitled:"Free Falling". Episode that will keep you glued to the screen, after the well-known vicissitudes in that of the Stilwater 1st National Bank of the first episode. We remind you that the pre-orders of Saints Raw The Third I am already available. Here is the press release, with a bit of a bet inside, by Koch Media:





The second episode of "Saints Row®: The Third Memorable Moments" begins after the failed theft at the Stilwater 1st National Bank. The Saints are brought on the private jet of Phillipe Loren, owner of the bank and lies behind the criminal organization, The Syndicate. Two rival gangs on a plane at 30.000 standing above Stilwater - what could go wrong? 

Watch the second episode, titled "Free Falling", on Youtube:



Saints Row®: The Third ™ will be available on Nintendo Switch the 10 May 2019. All footage from the video comes directly from TV mode to Nintendo Switch's 1080p. 


About Saints Row: The Third 
Years after taking control of Stilwater, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to family brand: from Johnny Gat's booble head to the Saints' sneakers and energy drinks. The Saints are the kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal brotherhood with pawns all over the world, is now interested in the Saints and asks for a tribute. By refusing the Syndicate invitation, you will bring the battle into a new city, playing in the most extravagant scenarios ever.