When I think of cars, my mind immediately returns to the 90 PC video game, with which I spent hours playing with my father. Small, colorful and a bit woody to control, they darted on impromptu paths on a kitchen table, among the provisions of a picnic or among the tools of a garage. My mental image is perfectly alive Table Top Racing: World Tour, which dragged me into a vortex of retrogaming nostalgia. With a wink to the Micro Machines and the other eye a Mario Kart, the game looks just like that, in its simplicity.

Table Top Racing Review 1
Those lamps were strong in the 90!

The basic structure of the game does not offer big surprises: at the wheel of our car, we are required to face a series of thematic challenges, relying on the weapons to collect on the track to outperform the competition and win the races. A system of coin reward it also provides us with the opportunity to upgrade our machine in terms of speed, acceleration, handling and resistance, essential upgrades to be able to progress with challenges. Once enough coins have been accumulated, we can buy a car of a higher class to attack higher level competitions without having to fumble too far behind the lines. Three machine classes are available for a total of 16 cars, a decent number that allows you to enjoy spending our hard-earned money.

Table Top Racing Review 2
There are so many types of challenges that at first a bit disorientate

The settings that surround our toy cars are really adorable. As in the titles to which it is inspired, Table Top Racing: World Tour realizes a funny gigantic world in which we can speed at full speed, marveling at the surroundings. The top of the top is represented by the sushi restaurant, but also the picnic by the sea has its charm. Word games and variations of famous brand names are great fun: only the most chic can drive one Fauxrari and drink Dom Penguin champagne. Despite the risk of getting distracted by looking at the surroundings, going to crash ruinously, the slopes are always clear and well made, and it is clear at a glance which is the route and the trajectories to follow.

Table Top Racing Review 3
Beeella, impossible (but small) beauty!

In the face of a pleasant realization of environments and attention to detail, a certain monotony is soon recorded in the gameplay. To add a little pepper, various types of challenges: race with weapons, without weapons, elimination race, drift competitions and two different types of time trials. So much meat on the fire, but ultimately Table Top Racing: World Tour never evolves, the experience offered is that which is revealed in the first five minutes of the game, timed. Despite everything, the title lets you play more than willingly: it is pleasant and fun, and suitable for everyone, considering also the well-balanced challenge level, never too easy or too difficult. The most frustrating element may be the need to grind coins to be able to upgrade, but it is made decidedly more sustainable considering the great variety of challenges with which it is possible to reach the goal. Moreover, the aesthetic variations of the cars fully reward us: changing them at will gives the 90% of the fun. In some more crowded race circumstances, the wise use of weapons can really make the difference, and allow an unexpected reversal of our fate. Moreover, blowing up opponents is always fun.

Table Top Racing Review 4
We especially like the rims sober.

Occasionally there are some unexplained collisions on invisible obstacles that make you lose control of your car, but it is, fortunately!, a rare occurrence. I also found the command mapping: accelerating and braking using the right control stick is not the maximum comfort (and betrays the mobile origin of the game) and giving the possibility to change the keys at will would not have cost much. For the rest, Table Top Racing: World Tour runs smoothly and without major problems or slowdowns. The is extremely pleasant local multiplayer in vertical split-screen, an element that makes me appreciate a title more than ever, given its rarity today. There are also several online multiplayer modes available, which are probably the spearhead of the title, but I could not test for the lack of players. Before the launch, it is a fairly common problem. A real applause must be made to the soundtrack, tamarra and fashionable the right, gives the charge to face the next mini-competition with the right tenacity.

Table Top Racing Review 5
The name is encouraging: go downhill!

I would recommend the Table Top Racing World Tour to arcade driving enthusiasts who are crying waiting for the arrival of a new Mario Kart (when, eh? When?), Or the nostalgics of the cars with which they played as children. Dispassionate advice: you can play with it even as adults! In case you have given them away, fall back on this video game that offers a good number of hours of leisure without too much effort. And maybe fiery online battles, this is to be seen.