This 1 May also brings a little disappointment. The 1 April a tweet, which we also talked about here, had announced that this would be the month in which the beta of Halo: The Master Chief Collection he would have made his debut.

Arrived in May, this expectation was disillusioned. 343 IndustriesThe developer responsible for the project said that this delay is necessary. There Master Chief Collection will in fact be released on a PC in stages: the games will be published as if they were a sort of beta for those enrolled in the program Halo Insider. They then declared:

"There are still a number of goals we need to work on before we feel ready for the first" public flight ". Although these are projects that are still in development, they still require a certain level of functionality to ensure that players have an enjoyable experience and that developers can get the data they need for actual publication. "

The reasons for the delay therefore seem to be more than one, all however related to the amount of work necessary to offer a satisfying experience to the players. The post su Halo Waypoint offers a very clear overview of how the team is working on the project.

We await further updates on the extent of the delay.