Today Square Enix Lt. invite players to return to Ivalice to enjoy new options and fantastic graphics remastered in Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age, available for the first time on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (including Xbox One X).

This version includes the ability to switch from classic to modern soundtrack, a Challenge mode and various game improvements, including:

  • Option to reset licenses: talking to Montblanc, the head of the Centurio clan of Rabanastre, players will be able to reset and change the trades of their team members, so they can be customized at will.
  • Additional gambit set: gambits allow players to customize their team's AI. Now you can create three unique sets and switch between them depending on the situation, for example when you're exploring the map or fighting a boss.
  • "New game +" improved: players will be able to start the new game with team members at the 90 level and bring along some of the items, such as weapons, spells and guils, obtained in previous games.
  • Only on Xbox One X: support up to 60 fps.

Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age is now available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.