Samsung is about to introduce a new one subscription service for games. Main purpose is to obviously compete with Apple Arcade. Perhaps a new patent and a related story to follow.

As reported by LetsGoDigital, Samsung the 23th April last filed a patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Code name: "PlayGalaxy Link". Pseudonym somewhat in the wake of the products of the Galaxy range of Samsung smartphones. We imagined a "Galaxy Play" (but too much like "Google Play Games").


Playgalaxy link
Samsung patent

The patent mentions the provision of "online gaming services, or online electronic games accessible via mobile devices". Reference is also made to: augmented reality, virtual reality games and unspecified "online tournaments".

New Samsung patent
Presentation of mobile games

Obviously it is common practice, with regard to any patent, the maximum confidentiality on the main characteristics of the same. Therefore it is therefore not said that the final product is similar to what has been declared so far.

Apple and Samsung have a long parallel history. Between fierce competition and attempts at cooperation (not really friendly). Especially with regards to the smartphone market.

Samsung subscription service for games
New subscription service for games


Apple Arcade as a term of comparison

It is difficult to read the features of this patent without thinking of the upcoming Apple Arcade. The subscription service for the games will be launched on iOS devices by the end of the year (we talk about next autumn).

It will have coverage of 150 territories. There will be no advertisements in the games. At a given monthly cost the end user will be able to access a selection of more than 100 games on the App Store.

Competition to Apple Arcade by Samsung
The competition at Apple Arcade has started

Not surprisingly, Samsung is trying to limit Apple's impact on the gaming market. It must be said, however, that patents are generally stored well before any launch, and Apple Arcade will almost certainly beat Samsung on time. In either case, giving a service equivalent to that on Android, and probably at a lower price, would be a crazy choice.