Rainbow Six Siege, beloved tactical team fps, changes its method of reporting for bugs by trying to involve players even more.

Ubisoft is changing its bug reporting system into a sort of size hunt. The system is similar to the one launched last year called R6fix and will serve to encourage the search for errors.

Players will use a server to test the game for bugs. If the reported error is reproducible, then you will be rewarded with in-game items. This system will help developers efficiently fix various errors or exploits within the game.

The new Bug Hunter Program will help the evolution of the title, also thanks to the system of prizes introduced to encourage the community in the hunt. Previously the R6fix system was already quite successful, with 7.000 thousand bugs reported in a year.

Are you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? While Ubisoft expands its bug reporting system, Respawn Entertainment postpones the new one Titanfall to focus on Apex Legends.