Fortnite and Epic Games find themselves with a new cause in their hands. The musician Leo Pellegrino cites Epic Games for having "stolen" his step with the sax, step that you can see in the emote "Phone it in".

Previously we have witnessed the struggle between Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton in Willy the Prince of Bell Air) who he had quoted Epic for using his Carlton Dance inside Fortnite without permission, but it all ended with Epic's victory in court.

Pellegrino, second Verge, took a similar path to that undertaken by the American actor. The musician accuses Epic Games of having used his movements by now "His trademark, indissoluble from his professional and life history" without having requested any permission or defined compensation.


In short, it seems to be more of a strategy to avoid the various legal blocks due to justify the copywriting of the dance steps, blocks that have rendered legal actions like those of Ribeiro useless.

What do you think of all this? Do you agree with Pellegrino or do you find this case the umpteenth move to go into the spotlight or earn something? While you think about it, you know that Apex Legends no longer on the Twitch stream podium?