Released a year ago, Frost Punk was developed by the same authors of the splendid This War of Mine. Based in Warsaw, Poland, already with their previous job 11 Bit Studio he wanted to stand out for the philosophical way in which he approaches the creation of video games, enclosed in the sentence MAKE YOUR MARK. Their purpose is to create experiences that provoke strong reactions in the player, which leads him to reason even after he has stopped playing. certainly This War of Mine fully fits into this description, as well as Frost Punk.

Yesterday, anniversary day, to celebrate the goals achieved 11 Bit Studio provided a series of data and anecdotes concerning the game:

  • have been sold over 1,4 million of copies of the game;
  • the costs incurred during the 3 years of development, have been covered only 66 hours from launch. We also talked about it we last year;
  • on 195 nations existing in the world, in 191 of them at least one copy of Frostpunk was sold;
  • at the moment, only the 43,8% players managed to complete the campaign;
  • just the one 0,3% managed to survive 100 days at the highest difficulty level;
  • il 2,9% of the players instead has failed in the simplest mode, the Serenity Mode. Since also one of the producers of 11 Bit Studios, Marek Ziema, suffered the same fate, an achievement in the game was created, named "Hi Marek!" with an icon showing the producer somewhat irritated.

The great satisfaction is also linked to the fact that the data listed refer only for the PC version, as Frostpunk will come released on consoles during the summer.

Have you tried to build the last city on Earth?