Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom, metroidvania title developed by Game Atelier has landed on Xbox One, Ps4 and Switch last December, ma the PC version has not yet arrived.

The much-loved Monster Boy has long been expected on the PC and the game also has its own section on Steam, but its release is still a long way off. We understand what is happening.

Recently the game's Steam page has been updated. The publisher mentioned that the PC version of the title will arrive despite the delay, but there are excellent reasons behind this choice. Don't worry though, if you want to play the game, know that a demo will arrive between the end of the month and the beginning of the next.

The update he explains to us what's cooking, between the tests for the demo that will serve as a test ground to let the developers understand what to file with the title so as to make it perfect.

"We want to release the demo later this month. If the game will run smoothly on most PCs, then we will release the full game, otherwise we'll fix what's there to fix. We want to give PC players the best day one experience on Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom "

Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom will have specific PC improvements, such as one ultrawide resolution, but only for specific levels while the boss fight and some scenes will remain in 16: 9, but there will be a feature to merge everything in a pleasant way.

Are you ready to put your hands on Monster Boy from your PC? In the meantime, you know that Monster Hunter World won't it come to Switch?