Cuphead it's a really challenging title, with its levels and boss fight the game always manages to keep the attention high. Now we find out that the title of the MDHR study hides three secret bosses.

With the arrival of Cuphead on Switch, MDHR did not sit on its laurels, but decided to release a free update with new animations, the choice of characters and cinematic magazines. That's all? Of course not, the game also gets three new boss fights to find, but it's not that simple.

To find the first secret boss you will have to return to the first island, once you arrive go and face Mr. Potato. During the battle, Mr. Potato will leave room for the agitated onion which, if left alone, he will go away leaving space for Mr.Potato together with the small angry Radish, first among the secret bosses.

The second boss is in the Djimmi The Great level. Go to the second island e start the fight until the third phase. As the new phase gets smaller, this will allow the arrival of the mini Puphead who will fight side by side with Djimmi. Obviously like the first boss fight, you will have to beat both to get the victory.

Finally we came to thelast of our three secret bosses. For the third challenge you will have to head to the third island to face Sally. During the first phase do not hit Sally, but block the hearts that will launch you since they will allow Cuphead / Mugman to get on the two little angels hanging on the arena.

Stay on the angel's back until you hear a crack-like sound. If you have performed the steps correctly you will see the ceiling fall hitting the promised spouse of Sally. The groom will reappear during the penultimate combat phase coming to Sally's aid.

Now you know how to find Cuphead's three secret bosses. Please note that Cuphead is now available on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. If you have just learned about this wonderful game, but you don't know if it will do for you, here is ours review for Switch.