Square Enix returns to the E3 with one ShowCase and hopefully juicy previews and ads to put in the spotlight. Today, the company has unveiled the date and time in which it will be possible to follow his participation in E3: the event will be held at 03: 00 in the morning of 11 June 2019, Italian time. It should be noted that this was, until last year, the traditional slot for Sony. As announced, the latter will not participate in the E3 2019.

In February of this year, President of Square Enix, Yosude Matsuda, had indicated the intention to publish an important game in the last months of the 2019. He also added that more details would come just for E3. However, some skepticism is understandable: even in the 2018 the dev had indeed promised big news on the occasion of E3, to then disappoint with one ShowCase not really memorable.

To find out what Square Enix is ​​planning for us this year at E3, all we have to do is set the alarm and prepare for the early 11 June 2019.