Apex Legends needs no introduction, now the title of Respawn Entertainment and EA has managed to enter the homes of many players.

Unfortunately, like all good stories, Apex Legends is now feeling the pinch. Lately the Battle Royale set in the Titanfall universe saw its Twitch visualizations descend dramatically.

Who of you remembers the visualization record touched by Apex in February? Thanks to StreamElements we know of the peak of 40 million views on Twitch, so many as to create a real record. Now the game has dropped to around 10 million and most streamer fights on other shores.

Now that Apex no longer holds the throne of the streams, here come back Fortnite with its 20 millions of hours seen in a week, bringing back the title of Epic Games on the streaming podium.

All this movement has aroused the attention not only of the players, but also of the analysts and investors who do not consider it wise to purchase other shares of Electronic Arts.

Are you still playing Apex Legends? Does the title of Respawn still amuse you or do you agree with its decline in favor of Fortnite? Meanwhile, you've heard of 1000 accounts banned in Battle Royale by Epic?