While the qualifications for the are now in full swing Fortnite World Cup, Epic announced to have banned more than 1000 account for incorrect behavior.

In a official announcement, the precise number and various reasons that led the company to make such drastic decisions were confirmed:

  • 1163 received a ban on 14 days as they participated in multiple qualifications in different regions. 196 of these had managed to get a placement with prize, immediately withdrawn;
  • 48 received a ban of 14 days for account sharing. Also in this case 9 have seen the cancellation of the prize obtained;
  • 8 they collaborated during the qualifications to try to get higher in the standings and one of them succeeded. Everyone received a ban;
  • 1 was banned permanently for using cheat;
  • 1 account banned for 72 hours for voluntarily disconnecting in order not to give points to opponents.

The account permanently banned for cheat apparently belonged to Jonathan "JonnyK" Kosmala, well known player in the community and belonging to the team Kaliber. The other team members announced through a tweet that they had expelled him, given the seriousness of his impropriety.

Given the prize up for grabs it was obvious that there would be attempts at fraud on the part of the participants but, with its severe and immediate actions, Epic is showing how much it wants to keep the competition as clean and correct as possible.