The new retro-console di Capcom it did not start exactly on the right foot: after criticism of design and price, here is another grain for the Capcom Home Arcade.

The console engine is in fact the open source emulator Final Burn Alpha which, as expressed in the user license, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. The developers were not aware of Capcom's use except one of them, Barry harris, which was actually the one who has granted the license to the software house.

At this point a controversy has ignited on the how and why Harris gave Capcom the use of Final Burn Alpha and, in case it was paid, because the rest of the team was not informed and the money divided between all.

In addition, the problem is added part of the Final Burn Alpha code comes from Final Burn and from MAME, two open source emulators whose commercial use is prohibited. A real problem for Capcom and above all for the emulator's developer team, which will have to solve the internal problems caused by the initiative taken by Barry Harris.